Mon, 12 Sept | Veterans Banger Rally 2022 Start Point

Veterans Banger 2022

1500+ mile drive from the UK to Gibraltar £500 maximum spend on your vehicle. (Veterans / Serving Armed Forces personnel)
Veterans Banger 2022

Time & Location

12 Sept, 08:00 – 17 Sept, 08:00
Veterans Banger Rally 2022 Start Point, Dover, UK

About The Event

The event is being arranged and co-ordinated by MAC Auto Challenges.

MAC Auto Challenges organises automotive events in the UK and Europe. We strive to be ahead of the curve and to make our clients our number one priority.

Is there a limit on the cost of the car?

YES! You have a maximum of £500 for your vehicle

Do we have to raise funds for charity?

No, you do not have to raise funds as a percentage of the entry fee for the event will go to our nominated charity, Blind Veterans Association.

You are more than welcome to raise funds for a charity of your choice by obtaining sponsorship.

The “Run to the Rock” or “banger rally” as some people call them, are as the name suggests. An organised event, bringing together petrolheads from all over the UK, that share a common goal of driving a 1500+ mile course around Europe in a bid to raise funds for charity (if you decide to).

The older and more knackered the car, the better. Cover the rust and cracks with stickers and gaffa tape and away we go to test your car and your sanity whilst driving through some of the most beautiful roads that France and Spain have to offer.

A party atmosphere is almost guaranteed with around 100 teams driving the route from Dover to Gibraltar in various shapes and sizes of vehicles.

The idea is quite a simple one………..

· Buy a vehicle.

· Customise to your heart’s desire.

· Drive it from the UK to Gibraltar. (Either scrap and fly home or drive home)

· Obtain sponsorship for your chosen charity (if you decide to raise funds)

Other things to consider.

· £300 entry fee per team *

· This event is for veterans and serving armed forces only.

· Vehicle must be fully insured for all drivers.

· Vehicle must have valid tax and in date MOT.

· Up to 4 people per team.

· Advisable to hold some form of breakdown recovery.

What do I get for my entry fee?

· List of rules and regulations.

· Single ferry crossing from Dover to Calais

· 2 x decals for your vehicle (More can be purchased from our supplier)

· 1 x plaque for your vehicle (vinyl or hard plastic)

· Event insurance (Not car insurance)

· A donation towards our nominated charity.

· Admin fee

· Medals for all participants

· Certificates for all teams

· Postage

· Prize money for best car (top 3)

The Rules and Regs

  • This is a family event. You are responsible for representing yourselves in a safe and professional manner.
  • We are representatives of the UK and of the “automotive community”. The eyes of the world will be upon us and we do not want to end up with negative press attention.
  • No limit to age or type of vehicle, as long as you think it stands out from the crowd.
  • This is NOT a race or a timed rally.
  • The vehicles must not be fitted with any equipment that may endanger life or limb and must not be made to look in any way like an emergency vehicle (ie, Blue lights etc) NB. Teams have been fined in the past by local police and had the blue lights etc confiscated whilst on other rallies.
  • You will abide by the laws of the land.
  • You will abide to stay within the speed restrictions on the roads we are travelling on.
  • You will endeavour to assist our fellow entrants if need arises.
  • It is advisable to carry a small tool kit, spare bulb’s and a tow rope.
  • Vehicles must display the same registration marks on the vehicle for the duration of the rally.
  • Each team leader is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle that they are using has RFL (Tax) MOT and insurance to cover the duration of the event. Anyone starting the rally without one or all of these will be denied entry to the rally.
  • Copies of the Vehicle ownership(V5C) and valid insurance MUST BE PRESENT IN THE VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES.
  • The event management (EM) and admins approved by the EM have the power to exclude any team from the rally at any point for breaches of safety or blatant breaking of the rules set out by law.
  • Dangerous driving will not be tolerated.
  • Drinking and driving is frowned upon and it is the team’s responsibility to ensure that the person driving at each point can do such in a legal manner. There will be a breathalyser machine available via admin if required.
  • Drugs. We have a ZEROtolerance policy in place regarding drugs of any class. If it is illegal in the UK, it is illegal on our rally. ANYONEfound to be under the influence of any drug, will mean that the WHOLE team will be disqualified from the event with immediate notice.
  • No politics, religion or anything that may cause offence to anyone will be allowed on the vehicles. Offenders will be asked to remove said wording or phrases if in breach of this.
  • You are advised to take out breakdown cover for the duration of the event.
  • The EM team are NOT responsible for recovery of persons or vehicles in case of a breakdown or failure to complete the event.
  • Should you break down or not reach a destination point (ie the hotel) there will be no reimbursement of fees, full, partial or otherwise.
  • You are responsible for your own behaviour whilst at the various hotels etc. Any complaints to the EM team or Admin, will be investigated and if deemed necessary, will involve said team being removed from the event with immediate effect.
  • You accept full liability and responsibility for yourselves and your vehicle for the duration of the event.
  • You are happy for any photographs and or video to be used in promotional material for future events and/or to be placed on the VBR official social media accounts during and after the 2022 event. (YES / NO Delete as appropriate)


On booking this event, you are agreeing  to the points laid out above and agree that the event management team and admins have the authority to remove any individual or team from the event.

John McGowan (Organiser) and member of the EM have no legal obligations to yourselves or any third parties before, during or after this rally.


If you do not have a paypal account or do not want to pay via our online secure system, then Payment can be made via Bank transfer.

Entry Fee is £300 per team (per vehicle) up to 4 team members

Bank account : Co-Operative Bank SC 08-92-99 ACC # 69964462


  • Full Entry Fee
    +£7.50 Service fee
    +£7.50 Service fee

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