A busy Sunday afternoon

Well folks, its been another week and yet more applications sent out for the "Run 2 the Rock" Banger Rally in July 2022, organised by MAC Auto Challenges,

We are keeping a very close eye on the current situation regarding the Omicron variant of Covid and will be updating everyone as and when we get more details.

To give you and idea of the level of organisation going into this event as well as others that we organise both in the UK and in Europe.

Every Monday morning see's a 4 way meeting with a member of the UK, French, Spanish governments and myself to discuss any concerns or risks associated with the events planned for 2022.

As of the last meeting, there are NO restrictions on events in or via these countries, however it is "advised" that participants should have been double vaccinated if required unless exempt and that all participants should check personally regarding returning to the UK on completion of our events in Europe. (Does not apply to the UK only events). Please note that this is an "ADVISORY ONLY" and not a pre-requisite to joining or taking part in any European rally.

To this end, during the whole of the "Run 2 the Rock" and "Veterans Banger Rally", (both organised by MAC) MAC Auto Challenges would respectfully request that each team has at least one of the test kits available from most pharmacies and Dr's etc in the vehicle at all times as a precaution.

Should anyone fall ill with covid during our rallies, both in the UK and in Europe, we will ask you to voluntarily remove yourselves from the immediate vicinity of others, to try to break any transmission of the virus.

NOW - The not so serious stuff!!

As you may well have seen earlier, we are working tirelessly around the clock to try to promote the event, (Run 2 the Rock) as much as possible, via social media and also via offline media alike, such as on vehicle advertising and we are currently looking at taxi advertising in 5 UK cities, London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds and Edinburgh. Should this be a cost effective way of advertising, we may move onto other venues and other ideas alike.

We are also asking anyone that reads or follows our blog / event to cross promote it via their own social media channels if at all possible.

We have also just decided to cancel the "Welsh Coast 2 Day Event", so that we can concentrate our efforts onto our two main European events as well as the sold out UK1200.

All participants from the Welsh Coast 2 day event have been offered refunds or been transferred onto our other events.

We have also been asked if we would consider a "Christmas Light-up Vehicle Parade" in the future and this is something that we may well undertake in December 2022 or 2023 depending on logistics.

As you can see, there is a lot going on at the moment in MAC Auto HQ, (Ok so its just a bedroom with a desk or two in it, but its still HQ)

We are also on the lookout for some big names to help us promote our events, so if you have any celebrities in your phone, please hit them up for us and put them in touch.

More updates coming soon, so stay safe and stay warm and don't forget,

If you book one team entry for the price of two, we will give you one FREE team entry!

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