Veterans Banger Rally 2021

We love a good rally and when it is all in aid of charity, we love it even more!

Check out their website for details of what will be an amazing event.

Veterans Banger Rally 2021, who are they?

A word from the VBR21 Organiser

After suffering from PTSD and depression for some time, One bloke thought to himself, “What can I do to make myself feel better about myself and help others too”? Well, after seeing a post on a veterans group, looking for fundraising ideas, he placed a “throw away” comment about a veterans banger rally.

Well, the rest they say is history.

Welcome to the Veterans Banger Rally 2021 and to the only place that you need to be if you want to get away from the grindstone of life for a few days and enjoy the camaraderie of “back in the day”….. The event is set to become one of the biggest and fastest growing banger rallies around and is set to support many service based charities over the coming years. Going back to that guy with PTSD and Depression. That guy is me and this is my dream.

John McGowan (Ex Royal Navy).

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