Moving Forward at speed

Moving forward at speed is something that has happened over the last 48 hours with regards to the "Run 2 the Rock" Banger rally.

For some reason, we have had a massive spike in interest for the event, with over 400 comments, requests for more information and almost a 60% rise in our website traffic.

Today alone, we have sent out 65 booking forms for just this one rally.

If you are interested in booking this or either of our other events, feel free to check out the website at

Routes and dates for the R2tR rally.

Sunday 3rd July

12noon – 8pm – Registration - Premier Inn Dover Central

Monday 4th July

8am-10am – Last minute registration - Premier Inn, Dover Central

11am – 1pm – Dover to Calais Crossing

2pm Onwards – Calais to Le Mans (Approx 265 miles – 4½ hours)

Tuesday 5th July

Le Mans to Pau (Approx 410 miles – 6 ½ hours)

Wednesday 6th July

Pau to Barcelona (Approx 270 miles – 6 hours)

Thursday 7th July

Barcelona to Benidorm (Approx 310 miles – 5 ½ hours)

Friday 8th July

Benidorm to Malaga (Approx 345 miles – 6 hours)

Saturday 9th July

Malaga to Gibraltar (Approx 90 miles 2 ½ hours)

Sunday 10th July 12noon – End of rally

Vehicles can be scrapped via our nominated scrap dealer if you wish to fly home?

***you are responsible for booking and paying for your own accommodation.***

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