Weekly Update

Hi everyone.

Welcome to another update on the business and where we are at, at the moment.

As you all know, we are steadily building the business up from the ground up and as such a lot of hoops are set before us to jump through and just when you think that you have cleared the final hoop, then yet another set are presented to you from a different organisation or business.

The latest set of hoops comes from the insurance sector. As you can imagine, an "Auto-Challenges" business is not your "everyday" kind of business, its not like we are a local bakery or hairdressers etc, that may have set criteria for business. (Before I get the hate mail, I just plucked two of those examples out of the air and I know they have challenging things to deal with in their own right)

With a business such as this where we almost have a changing script regarding our individual events as they arise and as such our insurers are always looking at the risks that we take (business risks, not personal ones). Our insurer initially asked for a detailed risk assessment for the business, which was carried out and ran to 7 pages.

More than happy with this, they have now asked for a European wide risk assessment including Covid assessments and additional features, that will now run to in excess of 75 pages!

These are the day to day trials and tribulations that as a new and emerging business in the automotive challenges niche market that we have to go through and when I say, "we", I actually mean "ME" as I am the one that the buck stops with.

I don't mind all the extra work as it means that once we get even more established than we already are, then we can sit back and say, "OMG, remember when we had to jump through all those hoops?" and be happy that we can now take everything in our stride.

So, folks, for now, if I am not blogging about events that will tickle your "excitement bone" and tempt you into joining us on our adventures, please accept my apologies.

Our events so far are :

  • The Veterans Banger Rally (UK) - September 2021

  • Bugs 2 Monte Carlo - VW Beetles to Monte Carlo! - February 2022

  • UK1200 - 1200+ miles around the UK - April/May 2022

  • Veterans Banger Rally (Europe) UK to Gibraltar - September 2022

More details of these events can be found on our website at or for the veterans banger rally, at

Cheers for now

Be Happy, Stay Safe.

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