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Are YOU ready for the chance to take part in the Run 2 the Rock Banger Rally?

We certainly are.........

Bookings for the 2022 rally have started to come in after a busy weekend promoting the event.

We now have only 32 spaces left on the event, due to take part in July 2022.

The event as you know will start in Dover, before crossing to Calais, meeting up for "essentials" at the hypermarket.

We move onto our first overnight stop in the world famous Le Mans.

Day two see's us travel from Le Mans to Pau at the foot of the Pyrenees Range.

Day three will give you a choice of going through the boring tunnel into Spain or travel over the winding roads over the top of the mountains, before dropping down into Spain as we make our way to Barcelona

Day four, after a good nights rest, we move onto the party capital of Europe, the one and only BENIDORM!!!! where we will host our very own "Anything beginning with "B" fancy dress pub-a-thon along the "Yellow brick road"

Day five, for those that survive Benidorm, the next morning will see a few sore heads making their way to Malaga for a well earned rest evening.

Day six will see the gentle drive from Malaga to Gibraltar for the finale of the event with an awards evening and prize giving.

Day seven will see those of you scrapping your cars, taking them back over the border to our local dealer, before flying home at your leisure.

For those of you still on the lookout for further adventure, you could join the "Charity run home" this is a NON ORGANISED or sanctioned part of the rally.

Teams wishing to take part sometimes put a certain amount (maybe £50) per team in a kitty and all the teams set off together, following their OWN route back to the UK.

The first team to make it back to a nominated point back in the UK to meet up with a nominated person, wins the pot!

As you will no doubt see if you check out online, that there are a multitude of events all over Europe and even beyond and we know that you have a massive choice to make in deciding which one is going to be the best one (Pssst, OUR's is the best, but then again we would say that, wouldn't we??)

So why not, get your team together and book your place before they all go. or for a booking form.

Don't Delay - Book Today

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